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Serving the diverse population of Sacramento families since 1989.

About SFMC


In the late 1980s children of low income families struggled to access quality healthcare. Pediatrician, Dr. Gilbert Simon M.D., recognized this challenge among many of his patients so he made the decision to convert a RV and took healthcare to the communities experiencing the most need. This led to him opening clinics in low income communities which in turn brought quality primary care homes to both children and their families.  Over the years SFMC clinics grew to serve multiple communities in the Sacramento area.


While Dr. Simon was making progress in under-served communities, other providers recognized that there were a large number of new immigrants experiencing the same struggle to find quality healthcare. River City Medical Group was formed by a group of local physicians who also wanted to make a change in their communities and work to create healthcare for the immigrant population. RCMG has grown immensely since it's conception and remains the only Medi-Cal Independent Provider Association in Northern California, solely dedicated to providing care for people with Medi-Cal health care coverage in Sacramento, CA. 


SFMC is owned and operated by RCMG. and share the following mission.

Serving Our Community With​

Our Shared Mission


Our mission is to recognize and meet the needs of our diverse cultural and socio-economic communities while treating our members with compassion and respect.  We strive to provide quality health care to the families of Sacramento.